This burn inside 🔥

There is this burn somewhere inside, which puts me ablaze every now and then.

No water works nor magic, and I am reduced to ashes time and again.


Disappear into oblivion

We are lost, lost in time. We are bygones and forgotten. Chances are small to meet , chances to reunite, not much.

But the rainy days we spent as one and the cloudy evenings, can you return them, please? Carry them back to me?

The aroma of caffeine and books, the petrol and smoke; can you send them?Bring them back to me?

The blankets and pillows and the drizzly balcony, with cozy two on the couch; can we relive the moment again?

The stretch marks and the sweats, the fragrance of the skin, the hot showers, can you repay them back? To me?


When I am alone,  I dig deep within. 

I dig up my scars,  the flowers, dew drops. I dig up the casket full of fondness. I find someone’s left over grief,  unfinished stories. 

I keep them,  wholesome. I dig up the sins. I try and change them. Make them beautiful. To blossom on a sunny day. 

When I am alone,  I dig deep. This is forever me. 

Depression as we know it

Oh what a ride! ! Took me almost a year and still healing. What do you do when you face such monsters? ?or,  should I call it a friend? ? Just don’t wanna name somebody who is residing in me as monster if not a friend.  Let the name be ‘who are you’? Exactly . Who are you by the way? Why do you come for an unwelcoming visit time and again? ?I don’t need you.  Or,  do I really don’t need you??  Ummmm,  I can’t say that.  I become a better person fighting the fights that you throw at me. I become stronger.

Okay, now I know.  You come to check whether I can fight the darks, the bruises, the pains, right? ? Cool, then.  Now,  I am almost done with your episode this time.  Woah,  wait!   Not yet,  not yet.  Few more days and then I will be done. Depression, as you are known by all,  will get a good bye from me very soon.  Tata.